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Wings Greater than Atreia F2P doesn't suggest forgotten for Aion

Posted on November 7 2012

Genuinely, this rather issue (the patch, not the dancing!) qualified prospects us perfect in to the issue which was scheduled. It is been bouncing all around my thoughts for a while, along with the launch within the patch definitely drove it home: the actual fact that free-to-play is not really code-speak for shoving a title into the back of some very best shelf and disregarding it. Basically said, free-to-play won't equal forgotten. And I think very few online games present this as obviously as Aion.

Contrary to what detractors would've you suspect (recall the cries of doom and gloom as soon as the EU and NA announcements were manufactured?), heading F2P is much from the death knoll, especially for Aion. Material is coming quicker than previously now; 3.five released only a couple of months following the formal Korean launch! And subject matter for 4.0 is already simply being shared, albeit as well bit by bit for my eager Daeva heart and soul. From quickly patches to four.0 teases, you can find much around the way for this F2P fantasy game and still much to look ahead to.Closet F2P supporter

Way again when i was contacting for smaller, more repeated updates, little did I am aware I was essentially stumping for free-to-play. Trust me, that surprises you and me both! Since the lifeblood of that style, regular subject material updates are what maintain individuals invested in the match, both equally time-wise and monetarily. Why adhere all over if it's the identical previous, identical previous? Effectively, all those people who requested recurrent subject matter updates are going to be happy clientele since which is particularly what Aion is serving. Not merely was three.five delivered immediately, but devs state that other patches might be equally as speedy. Top rated that off with frequent additions of scaled-down additions like new outfits and folks will barely have time involving programs.

Four-ging ahead

Hence the up coming enormous information coming up would be the big 4.0 update. I say significant simply because each and every entire range up to now may be a serious enlargement for the match, not just a mere update. Just evaluate Assault on Balaurea and Ascension -- I imply, all those ended up name-worthy! I designed my 4.0 predictions (pipe-dreams?), but regardless of that outcome, there'll be plenty of goodies and also new lands to investigate. There are actually continually new lands inside the full quantities! And this subsequent one particular will get a little something no other update or growth dreamed of: new classes. We could not know lots about these approaching classes still, but we now have a number of bits of information to chew on.

Though Gunslinger was admittedly the class I wished to see most, I am pretty interested in what outfits are conceptualized with the other two lessons. I have consistently been a enthusiast of music, to make sure that a particular may well be equally as trendy and engaging. Which delivers us to your substantial problem. 8 slots? Unfavorable, lousy, Terrible! In case the 8 character slot restriction was awful previously, it really is about to get worse.

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